HP7628 Filament Fiberglass Cloth
classification: Filament Cloths  Release time: 2017-12-25 15:20 

HP7628 Filament Fiberglass Cloth
HP7628 Filament Fiberglass Cloth
Weave Structure: Plain
Thickness: 0.2 mm
Weight: 200 g/m²
Tensile Strength: Warp 2025 N/5cm
Tensile Strength: Fill 1620 N/5cm

HP7628 Filament Fiberglass Cloths are made of continuous fiberglass yarns, therefore it can be produced in many different kinds of weaving structure, and the surface of this fabrics appear very smooth and shiny. This kind of fabrics have the same properties of Texturized fiberglass fabrics, it is a ideal fabric for all kinds of finish treatments.


1.resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and climate change.
2.electrical insulation. 
3.corrosion resistance. 
4.higher than working temperature, still keep residual strength.
5.incombustible. heat insulation, heat preservation.
6.high strength, high modulus, low shrink, no deformation.


  • All types of thermal insulation and protection
  • Basic cloth for all kinds of finish treatment increase thermal feature
  • Welding blankets and fire curtains/Expansion joints/Basic cloth for coatings and laminations