HP07TN Thin-Wall Fiberglass Sleeves For Wiring
classification: Fiberglass Textiles  Release time: 2017-12-26 10:24 

HP07TN Thin-Wall Fiberglass Sleeves For Wiring
HP07TN Thin-Wall Fiberglass Sleeves For Wiring
Technique: Braiding
Material: E-Glass filaments
Temp.resistance: 1000°F / 520℃
Properties: Heat and flame resistance and good dielectric stability

HP07TN Thin-Wall Fiberglass Sleeves For Wiring is made of  high quality E-glass filaments by braiding process, it has excellent properties like high temperature, heat and flame resistance, good dielectric stability, excellent flexibility , acid and alkalis resistance, and unaffected by most bleaches and solvents, It is the perfect choice for protecting wires and cables from exposure to high and extreme heat conditions.

(1) Excellent refractoriness
(2) Excellent chemical stability and thermal stability
(3) Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity
(4) Resist to external mechanical forces
(5) Able to withstand any thermal shock
(6) Generate no gaps between modules

It provides excellent protection for industrial wires, cables, hoses (hydraulics), tube and pipes and also provides thermal insulation and personnel protection.

coke furnace, stove and boiler

value or pump, ecchanger, kiln car

burner, chimney door sealing

electrical insulation