HP2523HTR Heat Treated Woven Fiberglass Fabrics
classification: Fiberglass Textiles  Release time: 2018-01-06 12:37 

HP2523HTR  Heat Treated Woven Fiberglass Fabrics
HP2523HTR Heat Treated Woven Fiberglass Fabrics
Overall Thickness: 0.36mm
Weight: 400g/m²
Width: 1m,1.5m
Property: Smoke-free
HP2523HTR  Heat Treated Woven Fiberglass Fabrics

Our fiberglass cloth is passed through a oven with high temperature for burning off the sizing and other organic elements of the cloth. After  heat treatment, fiberglass cloth will turn to brown/golden color and it will has smoke-free property during the application, and good for enviroment.

It’s the ideal fabrics used for welding blanket, fire protecting curtain, and general insulation wrapping.
1.Removable insulation mattress, jackets & pads
2.Fire doors/smoke curtains/Fire blanket/Fire curtains/Smoke curtains/heat shields
3.Dusts filter bag/High temperature protection blanket
4.Flexible expansion joints & compensators&Other high temperature fields

5.especially for the application where smoke is not allowed.