Our materilas and products can solve the problem from high temperature, and make a important role in engineering, product control, machining, die-cutting and just in time of deliveries, to meet the requirement of the automotive industry. Special the overheating of exhaust systems and particle filtration units, electrical wire and cable tree insulation, heat shielding, potting, exhaust gap filling, can all be solved using one of our designed products.


Our materials and products are used extensively in all process of iron and steel production for avoiding the harm from high temperature. Make sure all types of plant ahieve enhanced productivity, improved metal quality and significant energy savings. These working sites include comprehensive steel mills, mini mills, production plants for speciality steels such as heat treatment and metal surface treatment plants.

Food Packaging Industry

Our PTFE coated fabrics have the more environment-friendly properties.PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics, PTFE rops, PTFE films,and so on are widely used in food packaging industry such as microwave oven and  drying belt, food baking liner, flour pan cakes processing, wrapping for plastic seaming.


Due to the high temperature & corrosion resisitance of our products, we can make solution in order to sustaining and improving the reliability, efficiency and availability of thermal installations for heaters, furnaces, reformers, crackers, flue gas treatment, flue gas ducting, distillation columns, piping, and so on in the kinds of chemical and petrochemical companies. 

Power Station

Reducing energy losses, our materials and products can seal the joint of conveying pips & ducts . Our products such as packings, ropes, fibre ropes, tapes, fabric expansion joints, gas tight seals, refractory fibre products, are  small selections from our wide range of products, which we can supply the abobe materials and products  for the power station.

Ship Manufacturing

When the hull is built, welding work is a source of potential danger that must be treated seriously. To avoid this risk, we supply  a wide range of high-quality materials and products,such as welder protection, covering fabric, engine and exhaust insulation, and so on, to make sure the safe working.